TOBIN Investment Banking Analyst Program

Our Investment Banking Analyst Program provides young professionals a platform to develop and augment their education and skill sets in the financial services industry to further their careers. Available to professionals with graduate or undergraduate degrees, or students currently in college, participants in the program receive invaluable insight to the industry and gain rigorous ground-level banking experience that is highly transferable to both corporate and investment banking positions.

Although our analyst program is unpaid, it provides foundational skills essential to climbing the investment banking career ladder. Most of our past analysts have found positions outside the Firm while participating in the program. With an eye toward your career progression, we do expect each analyst to balance the full-time work experience with an ongoing search for paid employment.

The TOBIN Analyst Program affords candidates the opportunity to earn robust exposure to investment banking with hands-on experience building financial models and Excel workbooks, conducting and documenting due diligence, writing offering documents, updating pitch books and servicing clients in a highly entrepreneurial environment under the supervision of our Managing Partner. Throughout the internship, analysts learn and grow by developing a first-hand understanding of investment banking and business systems through resolution of complex situations and processes.

Our office location in Uptown Charlotte provides a conveniently located base for your networking into other investment banks and commercial institutions in the greater Charlotte area. However, with the new reality of Working-from-Home, TOBIN currently allows analyst interns to work from any location in the United States. All of our employees and contractors are currently working from home. This allows our investment banking analysts to work virtually from their own homes, as well.

Due to the demands of the program, analysts typically join the full-time analyst program after college or graduate school graduation. Generally, our analysts work with our Firm for six-to-eight months, although shorter and longer terms do occur. We have analysts work with us for as little as one month and for as long as eighteen months. As with any internship or job, candidates are required to maintain strict confidentiality.

Candidates for the full-time internship program may apply for the TOBIN Investment Banking Analyst Program at any time during the year. If you have yet to graduate but are interested in working with our Firm, please send your application one month before your graduation and the time when you are available to begin working with us.

Summer and Winter Internships

Tobin & Company also offers unpaid summer and winter internships to students in undergraduate and graduate school, who are looking to gain work experience in the investment banking industry during their academic breaks. Candidates wishing to apply for the summer internship program should submit their resume and cover letter during the last week of February, as we conduct interviews for the summer program in March.

Our winter internship program coincides with winter academic breaks and is tailored to the individual candidate’s personal and academic schedule. Candidates wishing to apply for the winter internship program should submit their resume and cover letter in early October as we conduct interviews for the winter program in late October.

Qualified candidates possess the following skills:

  • Coursework in finance and accounting
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, specifically Excel
  • Comprehension and understanding of company financial statements
  • Acute attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Prior work experience, particularly unskilled summer and high school jobs
  • Drive, enthusiasm and open-mindedness
  • Intellectual curiosity, including ingenuity, creativity and problem solving
  • Polished, strong social skills and a well-honed sense of professionalism
  • Care for her or his community with a mindfulness to promoting diversity in the workplace and in the industry

If interested, candidates should send a resume and cover letter to explaining why you would like to work for our Firm and what you hope to gain from an internship.

Tobin & Company does not sponsor H-1B visas. International students on valid F-1 visa status are supported.

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