Registered Representatives Program

Facilitating FINRA Compliance With Confidence

Tobin & Company Securities LLC offers a securities licensing platform for individuals who provide M&A and private placement services and who execute securities transactions. We bring Wall Street expertise, native integrity, vast skill sets and inherent professionalism to our registered representatives who demand quality of service in order to best serve their own clients. Tobin & Company empowers our registered representatives and supports financial professionals running their own investment banking practices.


Justine Tobin personally serves as the Firm’s Chief Compliance Officer and manages the Firm’s compliance. The Firm’s compliance is not outsourced; rather, it is managed internally with the sharpest degree of professionalism and the utmost attention to detail. Justine holds eight securities licenses, including the Series 7, Series 79, as well as the Series 28 which enables her to act as the Financial and Operations Principal (FinOp) of the Firm. Justine also holds the SIE and the Series 14, 24, 99 and 63.


Tobin & Company offers a culture of camaraderie for independent investment bankers. We provide a congenial atmosphere that is entrepreneurial and supportive. We enjoy connecting with all of our representatives on a personal level. We are dedicated to partnering with independent “kiosk bankers” and securities professionals who don’t want to pay for unneeded in-house resources of larger trading Firms.

We pride ourselves on always being available to assist you with all of your client and transaction needs. We work hard to help you complete your transactions. We are also able to provide you with supplemental staffing to meet your execution needs.

We will hold you accountable for your benefit. Our compliance program is thorough, but friendly. We have created it from scratch to make it about you and your clients, not about us.


Knowledge, Largesse, Help Pave Road to Future for Registered Rep


As financial professionals move through their careers, they develop relationships with coworkers, bosses, clients and vendors – some engaging for years, others seemingly appearing one instant and disappearing the next. People come and people go. That’s life.

Other times, relationships emerge at an intersection in life when people need them most.

That is the case for one financial professional who at 45 years old, after 17 years of raising discretionary capital and managing the equity and acquisition group for a regional commercial real estate firm, decided he was ready for a change. He wasn’t bored or dissatisfied, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic or challenged as he had once been. He began to question his place in life and to imagine what a new future might hold.

“I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be my own boss,” he says. “I decided I didn’t want to work for anybody but myself.”


This numbers guy began his quest methodically seeking information and advice from others who had earlier ventured out on their own. His experience with commercial real estate, which he loved, dictated his path. His plan was to start his own firm raising equity for commercial real estate projects. It was a bold move, and not without risk. He knew he could raise equity for commercial ventures; he just didn’t know how to get started.

Then, as if by destiny, a colleague from a former “life” reappeared – Justine Tobin. She was a rare individual in the financial arena – a woman at the helm of Tobin & Company Investment Banking Group.

Justine has run her own business for 21 years, has worked on Wall Street, and exactingly knows compliance, since one aspect of her business is as a supervising broker-dealer for registered representatives selling securities.

“The commercial real estate firm where I worked for years as an employee, was a direct sponsor, and in that situation, I was not compensated based on commission, so I didn’t need to be (FINRA) licensed,” he says, remembering one of his biggest challenges of starting his own business. “But to go out in the market as a consultant to third parties, or to sell securities directly, licensing from FINRA is required.”

When Registered Representatives seek out a broker-dealer to hold their FINRA licenses, they look for a professional with a broad array of FINRA licenses themselves, including the Series 7, 79, 24 and 28. They also look for a financial professional with an intimate knowledge of the rules and procedures required for compliance, and someone who stays ahead of the regulations. Most of all, they look for someone who has their back, so they can get down to business without any distractions.

With Justine’s advice and frank assessment, he dove into his certifications. “At my age, going back to school and taking tests was a daunting task. but thanks to Justine’s encouragement, I worked hard and earned my Series 7, Series 63, and because I work on pitch-decks, my Series 79.”

Shortly after certification, he started his business as a registered representative, using Justine’s firm as his broker-dealer.  Because Tobin & Company doesn’t directly sell securities to individuals (known as a “retail offering”), when a retail offering prospect inquired about her services, Justine always referred those leads to him to help grow his business.


Over the past four years this business owner has evolved, now focusing more on sourcing his own opportunities and raising equity for his own deals. His business breaks down into two primary services: 1) helping developers or real estate sponsors raise money through fund vehicles, and 2) project-based work raising equity for acquisition, development or recapitalization.
With a new direction for his business, he no longer needs FINRA certifications but is keeping dormant, staying open to all opportunities.

Today, looking back on his start-up, he admits it hasn’t always been easy. However, he says, it is much easier with friends like Justine Tobin.

He jokes now about the single biggest problem of operating his own business.

“My boss now is simply unrelenting,” he says with a smile. “The really great thing is that it doesn’t feel like work now. I’m glad to be where I am thanks in no small part to Justine.”

“It’s very comforting having someone as knowledgeable as Justine backing me up.”

Former Registered Representative
of Tobin & Company

(At Tobin & Company we take seriously our responsibility to protect the privacy of Registered Representatives operating under our compliance supervision. As a result, we do not publish names, contact information, nor lists of the Registered Representatives we work with. In keeping with this policy, names have been omitted from this case history. If you are seeking sponsorship by Tobin & Company for securities compliance, we can provide contact information from our registered rep clients who have granted permission for us to use them as references. Just call 704-334-2772.)

“Justine is thorough, very wise, responsive, and a pleasure to work with, in my experience.”

Former Registered Representative
of Tobin & Company, Arizona

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