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Charlotte’s First Woman-Owned 

Investment Banking Group Marks 20 Years in Business

Charlotte, NC – February 17, 2021 –  Twenty years ago, on February 17, 2001, seven months before 9/11, Justine Tobin started Tobin Advisors, a firm that has evolved into Tobin & Company Investment Banking Group, LLC in Charlotte.  Today the firm serves a variety of clients with a broad array of investment banking services including mergers & acquisitions, private placements, valuation & strategic advisory, broker-dealer management and a registered representative program.

“We’ve come a long way since starting the firm in 2001 when few women worked in investment banking, let alone on Wall Street,“ Tobin says today. Before starting her own investment banking firm, she worked on Wall Street for such premier firms as Goldman, Sachs & Company and Salomon Brothers Inc., then joining Bank of America in Charlotte.

In October 2001, just weeks after 9/11, the firm closed its first transaction, the sale of a Canadian software and hardware company to a private equity group based in Chicago.  Throughout its history Tobin & Company has served 167 clients and has assisted numerous others on a pro bono basis. The firm has executed more than 285 closings of both private placements and M&A transactions and has conducted 34 different valuation assignments.

Tobin says that while all clients have presented unique challenges and successes over the past 20 years, one of the most rewarding parts of the business has been the Tobin Investment Banking Analyst Program ( To date more than 150 young men and women from diverse cultures have passed through the internship program, finding jobs in more than 60 different firms, including in many Fortune 500 Corporations.

“It feels good to have an active role in developing young people for global positions in investment banking,” says Tobin. “I consider it an honor to be a part of preparing young people, especially women, for success in investment banking.”

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