Four Reasons to Hire
Woman-Owned Firms

1) Less Ego, More Progress

Women are not reluctant to address valid concerns, facing difficult issues head-on. They understand that listening skills and honest communications are the fastest path to equitable solutions. Ego can indicate strong will, which might serve some purposes well, but it takes more time and seldom leads to good solutions. Ultimately if everyone wins there are no losers!

2) Women Assess Situations Faster, and Act Faster

Openness and empathy help women determine individual goals, around the table and in the office, faster. Some call it emotional intelligence . . . or intuition. But the bottom line is results – by gaining agreement, by achieving the most desirable outcome for all. Can you say great negotiating skills?

3) Resilience

Women have more experience overcoming tough barriers in the workplace. In 1920, just 20% of the American workforce was female. Granted there are many reasons why that 100-year-old statistic has changed dramatically, but one is that women never stop overcoming barriers. Thanks to hard work, long work and overperformance, today the international workforce is 40% female! That’s lower than one might think but it accentuates the enormity of business barriers women-owned businesses face every day.

4) Slow and Steady Beats Fast . . . and Volatile!

Women value business longevity. They are more likely than men to build business value long-term, thus avoiding dramatic volatility. They don’t stoke, stir, sell and scram! According to Goldman Sachs, 43% of female managed funds outperformed their benchmark in 2020, compared to just 41% managed by their male counterparts. The performance is reinforced by research from Fidelity and the University of California, Berkeley. It’s not the return per se, that matters – it’s the mindset.

We have many customer testimonials that illustrate why hiring a woman-owned firm is good business! Call us.

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